About PGH

At PGH we recognize that every one of us is a potential patient, more so as the frequency of critical, or catastrophic, illnesses such as cancer and heart disease increases. Established by and for patients, we can appreciate the benefits of removing national borders, eliminating cost limits, ensuring the right diagnosis and the best treatment plan, accessing the world's best hospitals and medical teams, and having personal care managers and patient advocates to support patients and their families towards making a full recovery.

To ensure that these benefits are available for individuals, expatriates and businesses across the globe, PGH designed and developed its Best Outcome Programs and Policies. The PGH programs orchestrate and finance cross-border treatment for critical illnesses, like heart disease and cancer, and help deliver better care and medical results for patients.

Who We Are
PGH was founded in response to the problem that too many people die prematurely from the lack of application of best medical practice and quality controlled care for preventing, treating and surviving critical illnesses. We are a privately owned company and are independent of both the health insurance and hospital provider industries.

As a global patient organization, we are ideally placed to help you get the best care when you need it most - and, through our Personal Care Managers, to be by your side through every step. Our unique program sets out to give everyone the opportunity to increase the chance of survival and the best patient outcome.

What We Can Do For You
Cancer is expected to strike one in three people, while one in three men and one in five women can expect major cardiovascular disease before age 60. Nearly half of all deaths worldwide result from one of these two conditions. Substantial treatment disparities exist globally. How and where you are treated affects not only your survival, but also the level of trauma you may suffer during the treatment process, the speed of your recovery, and the likelihood of your returning to optimal health. PGH focuses on treatments and financial protection for these quality sensitive and high cost diseases and the other most common critical, or catastrophic, illnesses.

As a result of our programs and the incorporation of best protocols, our members have experienced superior medical results, virtually zero preventable medical errors and an improved survival rate of over thirty percent compared to patients admitted to a standard hospital without the PGH Program.

Beginning in the early 1990s, medical and risk management experts who had lived throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Asia came together to evaluate the global quality and cost disparities of critical illness care. This evaluation took place after the deaths of two colleagues due to wrong and late diagnoses within a Western European health system. The tragedies made these experts realize that otherwise competent professionals lacked control over health care, especially critical illness care. Their evaluation concluded that:

  • Every patient would greatly benefit from an advocate during the complex treatment process
  • There is capacity for treating critical illnesses in world-class medical centers
  • Such quality care and services can be provided at an affordable price

PGH has grown from a research and development firm to an international enterprise with offices in Boston, London, Oslo, and Bermuda, and a growing network of distribution capability in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and South America.

Find out how PGH can help save your life.