The Best Outcome Program

You may have the best care in the Country

But you need the best care in the World

The effect of getting one of the life-threatening diseases we all fear is often devastating.

More surprising still is discovering that the big, complex systems you turn to for help – hospitals, national health systems and insurance companies – are often under competing pressures, targets and incentives that focus on treatment costs rather than the best medical outcome and results for patients. Something can get lost in all this complexity and fragmentation: the patient.

Of course, the doctors who treat you care.

But they are working within a system that is bound by cost containment, complexity, silos and limited quality control.

In fact mis-diagnosis is today’s No. 1 medical error.

The result is that far too many people suffer medical complications, chronic disease or premature death from suboptimal treatments rather than the illness itself.

Local thinking often presents ‘the best we have here’ as the best there is. But there is another way.


What you and your family need is treatment that:

  • Focuses on best medical outcome.
  • Removes cost and geographical constraints.
  • Reduces the chances of preventable medical errors.
  • Delivers a best practice process at every step to maximize your chance of a full and speedy recovery.

Welcome to Preferred Care, the borderless, quality focused program that is being used by thousands of people around the world to treat critical illness.