Care Management Services

Your full and fast recovery from a critical illness is our priority

When you get a critical illness like cancer or heart disease, you're thrown into a new landscape full of unfamiliar language, complex systems and countless specialists. What you need most is a team of experts who can guarantee you access to the best doctors at the top hospitals without any delays or waiting periods; who have been there before and are committed to seeing you through it, day by day. Someone to meet with you and your doctors, ask the important questions, explain the options and translate the jargon. Someone to spend time with your family; someone to stand up for you.

The Personal Care Manager and the team behind them

Your Personal Care Manager works with the Center of Excellence which will design your care and, if you choose, deliver your treatment. He or she is a specialist nurse with two kinds of extremely relevant credentials: disease specific training and expertise in process management.

Your Personal Care Manager and the Care Management Team brings you:
  • Personal Involvement - Getting to know you and your family to understand your needs, fears and preferences along with attending appointments to ask questions and document decisions.
  • Orchestration - Putting the best medical team and process together, from your local doctors to the US specialists, and making sure the process goes smoothly.
  • Quality Control - Making sure that every step of your treatment plan is being supervised and any complications or deviations are acted on promptly.
  • Communication - Making sure you understand your medical team and they understand you. This includes asking questions on your behalf, explaining the implications of every treatment option and helping you to be as involved as possible in your care.
  • Logistics - Arranging all tests, appointments, travel and accommodation.

Your Personal Care Manager is highly invested in making sure that certain quality control measures are in place. These can include:

  • Asking questions you may not think about when you are stressed
  • Making sure you are receiving the right medication and treatments
  • Helping you to remember the answers to questions you have already asked
  • Speaking up for you when you cannot speak up for yourself
  • Making sure you understand the kind of care you want
  • Going over the consents for treatment with you before you signs them
  • Making sure the patient is receiving the appropriate care after their return home

Your world-class support system

The Personal Care Manager plays a major role in the Preferred Care program, but they're far from alone in supporting our members. We have assembled a Network of Excellence that is solely dedicated to your care and to ensuring that it follows our best practice approach from diagnosis to full recovery:

Global Director of Care Management Services

The Global Director of Care Management Services matches the Personal Care Manager, PCM, with you after an assessment of your individual needs to provide the best arrangement of patient to PCM. The Global Director of Care Management Services assists the PCM in locating the most appropriate Center of Excellence, engages the best medical specialists, collaborates with the global medical advisory network and most importantly, has claims authority to approve all payments based on their medical judgement, regardless of cost considerations.

The PGH Medical Board

The PGH Medical Board includes some of the world's top experts in all of the diseases we cover. The Board members have an intimate knowledge of the very latest research, technologies and procedures. Their medical expertise is available to PGH members, who are empowered to make informed decisions.

The National Medical Advisors

Your Personal Care Manager is supported by our National Medical Advisors, when available in your home country. Their job is to collect and review your records, communicate with your local medical team and ensure that your Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan is commenced as soon after diagnosis as possible.

Communicating about your health is essential

Studies have shown that patients who are involved in the decision about their type of treatment and care have a higher rate of successful recovery and satisfaction after treatment. PGH empowers its patients to ask questions and make educated decisions about their care. Communication with your family and your own perception of social support are significantly and positively related to adherence. A recent study revealed that 54% of patients' problems and 45% of patient concerns are neither elicited by the physician nor disclosed by the patient. Our goal is to remove any communication barriers including language, culture or unfamiliar medical terms and create a clear dialogue between you and physician.

To your Care Management Services team, good enough is never enough. Their job is to do whatever they need to do to improve your recovery; whether is it calling in our Medical Board for validation or refusing to give up as long as there is a chance of a better outcome.