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Critical illness management: Preparing for - not reacting to - critical illness

Preferred Care protects you and your loved ones in the unfortunate but common occurence of a life-threatening illness. The statistics are sobering: cardiovascular disease and cancer are leading causes of death globally, exceeding by far the likelihood of fatal accidents.

Deaths per 100,0001
Cause of death

You may have concerns over important issues in the case that critical illness should strike:

  • Affording catastrophic medical expenses
  • Experiencing a loss of income from becoming disabled
  • Needing to provide financial and medical support to a family member experiencing critical illness
  • Being unable to access the best doctors
  • Long waiting lines
  • The stress of being reimbursed for catastrophic medical expenses

Can you think of anything more critical?

Critical illness care in the USA fixes the holes in your safety net.

While local care may be excellent for less serious conditions, treating a critical illness successfully requires the global best – in medical practice and quality control – and a patient-centered approach designed to tackle serious issues like misdiagnosis, medical mistakes, delays and sub-optimal treatments, while financing it all.

The all too common mistakes that lead to needless death or disability.

Fatal Error Preferred Care Solution
Wrong diagnosis, poor treatment planning and/or incorrect treatment. The Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan evaluates the diagnosis and treatment plan, confirms accuracy or recommends alternative treatment.
Breakdown in communication between specialists, sporadic quality control and no one responsible for the entire process. The Personal Care Manager oversees the entire process and makes sure all care providers are on the same page.
Lack of patient involvement. The Care Management team empowers the patient and supports informed decision-making.
Best treatment unavailable locally. Preferred Care bridges the gap between local and global treatment.
Inexperienced treatment teams. PGH members are treated at high-volume hospitals by experienced, high-volume specialists.

The best treatment for your serious illness.

PGH's Preferred Care program ensures that effective teaming between you, the hospital and your own PGH Care Management team produces the best outcome and maintains the highest quality throughout the process.

Preferred Care is about getting the best treatment and outcome. Our world-class support system provides preeminent medical expertise for local treatment and in those cases where local care cannot provide the expertise or critical mass necessary, we orchestrate and finance the global best medical practice to maximize your likelihood of survival. The US is where we have the evidence to support our best practice approach. Click here to find out why.

Your health - not your wallet - is our focus

We work with and for you to ensure the consistent application of best practice from the moment you're diagnosed until your complete recovery.

  • Unlike a lump sum payment, Preferred Care's global network of excellence is a world-class support system designed only for you to get better and return to a healthy and normal life.
  • Cost is never a factor in treatment decisions, only best care. Your policy gives you USD 2 million for medical treatment and USD 20,000 for travel and accommodation for you and one companion.
  • Treatment is never limited to what is available locally.
  • We place the patient at the center of health care, empowering them relative to providers, insurers and the national health system.

This matters.