Global Medical Care Services

Expert consultation services from leading Harvard-level specialists and hospitals in the U.S. and personalized care.

For customers of HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan

Trusted expert medical advice and personal care, so you can focus on your recovery

Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan

Diagnosis opinion and treatment plan options from multi-disciplinary team of Harvard-level experts at top hospitals in U.S. in order to ensure your diagnosis is correct and make an informed decision about your course of treatment in a timely manner.

Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue

Partnering your local doctor with Harvard-level experts via secure video conferencing to discuss and develop an optimal plan for you.

U.S. Care Management*

If you choose to be treated at a top U.S. hospital, your Personal Care Manager will make all arrangements including: hospital appointments, admission and discharge, language support, and concierge services for travel & accommodation, as well as in-person support during treatment and recovery.

Applicable to eligible HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan customers only


All services coordinated by your Personal Care Manager a medical professional dedicated to supporting you throughout the treatment journey from diagnosis to recovery.

Your Personal Care Manager is committed to helping you receive the best possible advice, treatment and care.

Cancer, heart disease or stroke… What if it happens to me?

Cancer, Heart Disease and Stroke are the major life-threatening diseases, not only in Hong Kong but worldwide. Lives change suddenly and profoundly when these critical illnesses strike.

How would you manage the maze of questions, opinions, obstacles and doubts that lie ahead?


Global Medical Care Services help protect your physical well-being, when you need it the most

They supplement local medical advice with a global lens by having a comprehensive analysis of your medical case by leading experts from hospitals that are at the forefront of R&D and treatment
They protect your rights as a patient with high involvement of Harvard-level specialists and your Personal Care Manager to aid your understanding of your diagnosis and decision making.
They offer choices for a possible better outcome which enables you to be treated either locally or in the U.S. based on the treatment plan as advised by the specialist.

Global Medical Care Services delivered to you by PGH, the Global Patient Organization


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Contact for HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan customers

HSBC Life Service Hotline
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*For customers of HSBC Health Goal Insurance Plan policy with Notional Amount of USD2 million or more. All medical costs and relevant costs involved in travel, accommodation, after-care support, etc. in the U.S. are responsibility of the customer.