Patient Stories

Real case study of cancer patient Mr Stephen Choi* from Hong Kong

  • Stephen, aged 45, was diagnosed with bladder cancer.
  • Even after consulting with local doctors, he could not decide what was the best course of treatment.
  • Undecided, Stephen approached Preferred Global Health (PGH) for further consultation.
Preferred Global Health

Careful steps taken by PGH’s Global Medical Care Services

A Personal Care Manager (Mandy) was assigned to Stephen to follow-up on coordinating his medical records and to mobilize a top U.S. specialist to produce the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan Report that confirmed the initial diagnosis of bladder cancer and prepared a treatment plan.


Mandy then helped to arrange a Doctor-to-Doctor Dialogue between Stephen’s local doctor and the top U.S. specialist to discuss Stephen’s case.


Stephen decided to be treated in the U.S. PGH recommended a Chief Urologic Surgeon from a Harvard Medical School affiliated hospital, the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The Chief Surgeon is also a professor at Harvard Medical School. Mandy helped arrange the hospital admission and scheduled the necessary medical appointments, and guided Stephen and his wife during the medical journey and recovery in the U.S. until the doctor said it was safe to travel back home.


Stephen recovered fully and was delighted to have received the best treatment possible.

“My wife and I are especially impressed by PGH’s careful and expeditious handling of my request for surgical treatment… PGH ensured that I got the Chief Urologic Surgeon who is also a professor of surgery and could expect the best results.”

*Names and details have been changed to protect privacy of individuals

Living Words: Testimonials

“Thanks to Nancy [Personal Care Manager] everything went smoothly. What could have been a complex process was made simple. Behind the scenes communications between doctors, clinicians, departments and even countries were taken care of… all I had to do was concentrate on getting better.”

-- D.K, Guangzhou, lung cancer

“I would like to thank you personally as well as all the team and PGH for the outstanding service and care I received during this period of my life. You guys made it so easy for me.”

---D.M., Bahamas, coronary heart disease

“There is nothing worse than being swamped in side details and planning rather to concentrate on getting healed and getting cured ... Every minute detail was taken care of and continuous support and care given as if I was a member of a family who cared and loved.”

-- A.T., Kuwait, prostate cancer

“Everything that could be done by PGH to lessen our burden, was done. Appointments were met in a timely manner.”

---R.W., Norway, leukaemia

“PGH’s persistent search for the best expertise and proactive follow-up enabled us to successfully treat a patient with a rare brain tumour… Locally, the patient was considered a lost case. He is now well and symptom free.”

--- Dr. Georg Stang, Doctor, Norway

“Thank you for all the work you have done and the support you have given me regarding my father's disease. PGH helped us to make a more informed decision of how to handle my father's treatment - we are doing everything to assure that he has the best assistance available.”

– Patient’s son, Poland