Financial Protection

A Critical Illness Plan Designed by Doctors

Not Accountants

Cost is not a factor.

The best critical illness treatment in the world is expensive, but Preferred Care is not - far from it. That’s because every time a new member joins our global patient organization, we secure a US $2 million policy as part of their member benefits. 

Preferred Care is different from regular private medical insurance, which typically reimburses certain pre-approved and predetermined procedures.

It is also different from standard critical illness insurance that provides a cash lump-sum when you are diagnosed with one of the listed a covered critical illness. This can be helpful to pay for other expenses but it is not enough to mobilize and afford the best treatment for serious and expensive critical illnesses, like cancer, heart surgery, neurosurgery or organ transplants.

Preferred Care’s Outcome-Optimized Insurance™ takes the accountants out of treatment decisions. It ensures that the funds follow the patient and pay for what doctors recommend, not a pre-approved list.

Developed by PGH and underwritten by the ACE Group*, the Preferred Care policy pays for the treatment procedures and best protocols recommended by specialist doctors at a top US hospital directly, up to USD 2 million per year.

  • No deductibles or co-insurance. No claim forms, reimbursement hassles, or need to pre-fund your treament.

Preferred Care also provides a travel and accommodation benefit of US $20,000 per year for the patient plus a companion.**  PGH's patient services will handle all travel and accommodation logistics for your cross-border treatment,  including all medical appointments prior to your arrival in the US.

*PGH Programs throughout the world are underwritten by various leading progressive insurance companies, including Lloyd's, HSBC and AXA.  Contact us to find out if there is a local program in your home country.
**Subject to a USD 300 per day sub-limit for accommodations. Please refer to the Key Facts and your policy for additional information.

Keeping costs down without compromising the quality of the treatment plan.

PGH's unique commitment to and ability to achieve lower costs results in reduced premiums for members. Industries with complex, multi-stage production systems and processes have long understood that quality controls and continual improvements increase customer satisfaction, deliver better results and lower costs. This is why PGH focuses on quality-controlling the treatment process and proactively managing cases and engaging the best in order to reduce costly complications and preventable errors.

"Doing it right the first time" is outcome effective and cost efficient more so in healthcare than in any other industry.