Our Program

Preferred Care adds a new dimension and force in the critical illness treatment process.

It provides better coverage and costs less than most insurance but does something that no traditional insurance can do: provides your family with the best possible chance of a full and fast recovery from the world's most life-threatening diseases. Because it is a membership plan, you must join before critical illness strikes to make sure your family is protected.

By pooling our resources, Preferred Care is able to:

  • Design and orchestrate delivery of best medical practice and quality-controlled recovery services.
  • Access the world's most experienced health care professionals and specialists in high-volume Centers of Excellence - the top 1% of hospitals in the USA.
  • Work with your local doctors to ensure the correct diagnosis and treatment through our Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan.
  • Offer an innovative insurance program that funds the entire process, financed by the world's most progressive insurance companies.

Joining Preferred Care is the cost-effective complement to private health insurance and national health systems, and the only way to fill the "critical gap" in their protection.

The Preferred Care Process

Preferred Care is based on years of research into the causes of unnecessary death and disability after a critical illness. The Preferred Care process, which is based on the principles of Total Quality Management, is a detailed series of events that are specific to each case, but can be summarized in five key stages:

Diagnosis verification process