Patient Stories

How PGH helped a member regain her liveliness.

After experiencing shortness of breath for some time, Mrs. E finally went to her physician to see what was wrong. She found out that her shortness of breath was due to aortic stenosis and she needed a valve replacement quickly. Care Management Services arranged her first appointment within the next few days with an experienced high-volume surgeon who had performed thousands of that very same procedure. Mrs.

How PGH helped save a life - without the member even leaving his home country.

Diagnosed in Norway with a rare brain tumor called glioblastoma, Mr. R was told he had 4 to 6 months to live. There are only 1 to 2 cases of this kind of tumor reported in Norway annually, and because of the lack of knowledge and experience with this specific cancer, the patient was told by his local physician to stop chemotherapy treatment and enjoy the last few months of his life. However, Mr. R did not accept this prognosis and looked toward PGH for alternate options. This simple decision changed his life.

How PGH placed me with the best surgeon in record time.

Mr. Q was at his home in Kuwait when he began to experience a headache and neck pain. He went to a local hospital where he learned that he had suffered a heart attack. After undergoing numerous tests, Mr. Q’s cardiac catheterization revealed that he needed double bypass heart surgery. Mr. Q's DVTP confirmed his need for surgery, and within four days he was in Boston being treated by one of the best cardiac surgeons in the U.S.

How PGH successfully helped fight one of the deadliest cancers.

Mr. W contacted PGH upon receiving his unfortunate diagnosis of colon cancer - a condition with a 62% 5-year survival rate in the U.S., and only 43% in Europe. Under PGH's organization and care, Mr. W is living a healthy life now six years after his treatment, with no recurrence of his condition.

Shortly after his treatment, he wrote a letter to PGH expressing his gratitude and describing his experience. Below are excerpts of his letter:

How a Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP) helped avoid a misdiagnosis.

After Mrs. S was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer following a routine mammogram, she decided to get a Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan through PGH to see if doctors in the U.S. would have a different opinion on her treatment than her doctors in Holland did. She was told the cancer cells were no longer present, and what the diagnosis verification revealed saved her life. The Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP), which was completed through top Harvard-affiliated doctors in Boston, presented a review of Mrs.