How a Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP) helped avoid a misdiagnosis.

After Mrs. S was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer following a routine mammogram, she decided to get a Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan through PGH to see if doctors in the U.S. would have a different opinion on her treatment than her doctors in Holland did. She was told the cancer cells were no longer present, and what the diagnosis verification revealed saved her life. The Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP), which was completed through top Harvard-affiliated doctors in Boston, presented a review of Mrs. S' medical information and rendered a confirmation of her first diagnosis along with a plan for treatment. The medical opinion from the Harvard specialists confirmed the presence of cancer cells and further outlined the steps she needed to take. PGH arranged for a careful analysis of the report with her. When discussing her updated situation with doctors in Holland, Mrs. S was wrongly told by them that there were no longer cancer cells present. The DVTP resulted in her understanding her medical situation better and gave her the tools to be proactive in questioning her doctor about this misdiagnosis and getting it corrected.