How PGH helped a member regain her liveliness.

After experiencing shortness of breath for some time, Mrs. E finally went to her physician to see what was wrong. She found out that her shortness of breath was due to aortic stenosis and she needed a valve replacement quickly. Care Management Services arranged her first appointment within the next few days with an experienced high-volume surgeon who had performed thousands of that very same procedure. Mrs. E and her husband were greeted in Boston by a member of her Care Management Services team and taken to their hotel where they were staying for the first portion of her treatment; they would later move to another hotel for her post-surgery recovery. They were accompanied by a PGH Personal Care Manager to Mrs. E's pre-operative appointments and on the day of her surgery, Care Management Services stayed with her husband in the waiting area of the hospital for about 12 hours until she awoke from the anesthesia. Over the following two weeks of Mrs. E's recovery she was seen every day by the Care Management team, who noted her impressive progress. Following the doctor's recovery recommendations, she started from walking minutes and graduated to walking miles. Mrs. E returned to Kuwait without her shortness of breath and a new appreciation for PGH.