How PGH helped save a life - without the member even leaving his home country.

Diagnosed in Norway with a rare brain tumor called glioblastoma, Mr. R was told he had 4 to 6 months to live. There are only 1 to 2 cases of this kind of tumor reported in Norway annually, and because of the lack of knowledge and experience with this specific cancer, the patient was told by his local physician to stop chemotherapy treatment and enjoy the last few months of his life. However, Mr. R did not accept this prognosis and looked toward PGH for alternate options. This simple decision changed his life.

Upon the mobilization of PGH Care Management Services, a Diagnostic Verification and Treatment Plan (DVTP) was put into place. The patient's case was put into the hands of a Harvard-affiliated specialist who had experience with such brain tumors, seeing approximately 300 such cases per year. Through his expertise, a treatment plan was formulated and implemented through communication with Mr. R's local physician in Norway.

The treatment plan was a success. Mr. R is alive and well 5 years following his initial terminal diagnosis. The patient was able to utilize PGH services to add the experience of a global center of excellence to his local treatment team. Without leaving Norway, his treatment of a very rare disease was a success. Through the PGH services, Mr. R achieved the support of the global best.

Dr. George Stang, Mr. R's general practitioner in Norway, commented, "PGH's persistent search for the best expertise and proactive follow-up enabled us to successfully treat a patient with a rare critical condition. Locally, the patient was considered a lost cause".