How PGH placed me with the best surgeon in record time.

Mr. Q was at his home in Kuwait when he began to experience a headache and neck pain. He went to a local hospital where he learned that he had suffered a heart attack. After undergoing numerous tests, Mr. Q’s cardiac catheterization revealed that he needed double bypass heart surgery. Mr. Q's DVTP confirmed his need for surgery, and within four days he was in Boston being treated by one of the best cardiac surgeons in the U.S.

PGH quickly mobilized its team to start the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan process. Upon the confirmation of Mr. Q’s diagnosis and treatment plan, Care Management Services began coordinating Mr. Q’s appointments and travel. PGH was first notified of the case on a Thursday; on the Tuesday of the following week Mr. Q was in Boston, the destination for his treatment. Wednesday morning, just the next day after his arrival, Mr. Q underwent double heart bypass surgery with one of the top cardiac surgeons in the U.S.

Mr. Q was very impressed by the nursing care at the hospital where he was treated, Brigham and Women’s, and with PGH’s Care Management Services overall. He recognized that in his time of need PGH was there, prepared and ready to get him the best care available immediately. As a result of his excellent care, Mr. Q recommended PGH to his friends and family, one of which also later took advantage of its benefits and had an equally successful outcome.