How PGH successfully helped fight one of the deadliest cancers.

Mr. W contacted PGH upon receiving his unfortunate diagnosis of colon cancer - a condition with a 62% 5-year survival rate in the U.S., and only 43% in Europe. Under PGH's organization and care, Mr. W is living a healthy life now six years after his treatment, with no recurrence of his condition.

Shortly after his treatment, he wrote a letter to PGH expressing his gratitude and describing his experience. Below are excerpts of his letter:

"Diagnosis of cancer is likely a grim prospect for the most optimistic of us. My case was no different. Shortly after reporting my diagnosis to PGH a confirmation of full coverage for travel, accommodation and treatment was confirmed and any financial concerns on my part were forgotten.

As huge as this relief was, I still faced many unknowns, not the least of which was what the future held for me. For certain I would be away from my practice for an extended period of time, away from home and family, facing a barrage of test and consultations, a major surgery expected, and the many other anxieties which plagued my emotions. Major disquietude has set in. I felt alone, hopeless and helpless."

"...On arrival in Boston we were met at the airport by the PGH Patient Coordinator and taken by private limo to the Inn which, as it turned out, was to be our home for the next three months. Next day we met our nurse who came to the Inn to meet with us.

This very professional, yet personal care giver, represented and confirmed all that our plan had promised and a great deal more than we could ever have hoped for or imagined. We already knew that the surgeon to take care of me was top in his field and in a very senior position in the hospital and our first meeting with him brought renewed hope for a good outcome."

"...Embraced in personal care of PGH we experienced:

  • An unexpected confidence at this most worrying time in our lives
  • A feeling that we had a "family" away from home. We no longer felt helpless/alone.
  • Relief in the fact that all arrangements were made and managed by PGH on our behalf.
  • Comfort in the knowledge that we were being looked after in one of the best hospitals in America.

Finally, PGH has been our advocate, a compassionate care provider and our friend."