How soon after joining can I request treatment for a covered condition?


You may request treatment 90 days after approval for the Program for all covered conditions that have not been specifically excluded or except for pre-existing conditions. A pre-existing condition is defined as any medical conditions for which the Covered Person received medical treatment or advice within forty-eight (48) months prior to the effective date of his/her Policy coverage, or conditions of which the Covered Person was aware before the effective date of his/her Policy. It does not include any such conditions, which had been given to the Company in writing and had been accepted by the Company.

After 24 months of continuous coverage the Covered Person will be eligible to apply for insurance cover of any excluded condition, provided that the Covered Person has not consulted any physician for advice, treatment or any medical examination and has remained free from taking any form of medication including drugs, medicines, special diet or injections for the condition in question for such continuous forty-eight (48) month period prior to receiving treatment for such condition.

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