Treatment Planning

Patients treated at high-volume hospitals by experienced specialists who treat high volumes of cases are proven to have a lower chance of mortality and complications.

A study released by HealthGrades, the leading independent healthcare ratings organization, concluded that patients treated at top-rated hospitals across the most common diagnoses and procedures are 27% less likely to die, on average, than those admitted to all other hospitals. The report also said that patients who undergo surgery at these high performing hospitals also have an average 8% lower risk of complications during their stay.

Preferred Care memebers are treated only at the top 1% of hospitals in the world's best funded medical system with the highest survival rates, the US, to ensure optimal quality of treatment and care. We rely on the most comprehensive independent rating system - The Annual Hospital Survey conducted by U.S. News and World - to select the top 1% of hospitals: hospitals that consistently deliver the best medical outcomes under the most demanding and complex situations and that are ranked under a wide range of factors, such as specialties from cancer to heart disease, hard data like death rates and number of nurses, and reputation within the medical community.