What We Cover

Preferred Care covers cross-border treatment for six major critical illnesses by renowned specialists at the top 1% of US hospitals: 

"The Big 6"

  1. Cancer treatments; all cancers except non-malignant skin cancer*
  2. Heart surgery for coronary bypass, valve replacement or valve repair
  3. Intervention to open narrowed coronary arteries
  4. Neurosurgery for tumors and vascular repair
  5. Major vascular surgery
  6. Major organ transplants from a live donor
    *The tumor must be present; cancer in the presence of HIV is excluded.

Why only Six Critical Illnesses?

Preferred Care focuses on the leading causes of illness and death worldwide: cancer, cardiovascular disease and preventable medical errors. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), deaths from cancer and cardiovascular disease are projected to keep rising reaching 13.1 million and 23.6 million deaths from cancer and from heart disease and stroke by 2030. Preventable medical errors affect about 25% of all patients, a far too common occurrence. Due to the increasing prevalence and complexity of critical illness, PGH developed the Preferred Care Program – providing protection where it matters most and the best chance at surviving and recovering from a critical illness diagnosis. 

Furthermore, Preferred Care offers you unsurpassed exclusive attention and personal support – from a care manager, not a case manager. The PGH Care Management team works directly with you from the time you first contact PGH after receiving a diagnosis for a covered condition and begin the thorough review of your diagnosis and health records and are informed with treatment options by leading specialists in your condition, the Diagnosis Verification and Treatment Plan. If you choose to receive treatment in the US, your Care Management team will continue to work with you and your dedicated Personal Care Manager, a disease-specific trained nurse with expertise in treatment process management, from the time you first contact PGH regarding your diagnosis and are approved for treatment in the US, through all major medical appointments, surgeries and treatments, until you are safely back home and fully recovered.